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Taking votes: Which Fiverr Gig Should I Purchase?


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I would love your vote. I am working with a lot of Fiverr sellers to work on my next rock album including singers, guitarists, songwriters, drummers, and even a hip hop artist.

I just hired a very talented Fiverr seller (with a lot of positive feedback) to design my next album titled Brainstorm and I did not like the first one, so I rejected the work and asked for a new one. Well, he sent me a new one.

Now, I ask you, my friends, which one do you like? The top one or the bottom one. I will not tell you which one I rejected. Shhhh. That’s a secret! If you do not like either, let me know.

My most recent rock album (released in October), titled Chasing Tornadoes, is available on Fiverr.


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