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How fiverr made me stop procrastinating

Guest quintessentialh

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Guest quintessentialh

I’ll love to start this story from two years back or more when someone told me about FIVERR, then i took it as a mere gist while not taking it seriously, with lots of searches on Google about “How to make money online” in most cases FIVERR comes first but still i didn’t sign up for FIVERR, until a friend showed me his FIVERR account where he’s making close to 500,000 and i was like DAMN!. My friend writes while i’m a graphic designer/artist, i remember him saying severally that if only he could design he’ll make a hell of cash on FIVERR.

Here i am now as a LEVEL ONE SELLER which i acquired last week 🙂 Yippi!, i know if not for that wonderful friend as an inspiration and a mentor, even with his tight schedules he’ll still put me through FIVERR until i’m familiar with it, i’ll say THANKS IN ZILLIONS BOBO.

STOP PROCRASTINATING, it kills not by you dying but dying while living, just imagine what i would have achieved if i started the first time someone told me of FIVERR.


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