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I need help i am from morocco


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Hi. I have been to Casablanca (was there for 1 week, long ago). Wonderful city (may be you are in another city). I was so amazed by the wonderful hospitality of the Moroccan people : unforgettable.
Coming to Fiverr, I saw that so far you have 1 gig : I Will Teach You Moroccan Songs
That may not attract much of an audience in my opinion (I may be wrong).
But, based on your gig, I am assuming that you do have a great voice.
And if those 2 photos in your gig are your’s then definitely you have a great personality.
Why am I stating the above 2 things ?
Well, why not make gigs that revolve around your strengths ?
Like something where you use your voice and appearance.
Look, there are gigs related to “I will make a video review, audio review, etc of your product or service”, “voice over artist:” etc.
You know, when you visit a website, you see some video of a person talking about the product or service, right ?
There are people selling a lot from such gigs here at Fiverr … a lot of sales in this niche. I think those are the niche with highest sales here at Fiverr.
Look into that niche. Check out those gigs. I am sure if you do things in those lines, you would be amazed.

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