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Sales and impressions decreasing rapidly


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Hello everyone!
I’m really not one to ask for help however I’m out of ideas. I’ve been on this site for a couple years now on and off. My first year here I did amazing! Multiple orders daily and many many repeat clients then I had to take a few months off and of course my repeat clients found other people to work with and everything else died down.
I figured if I just kept working and was patient I’d get back to where I was but I never did. No doubt its better now but I’m still not getting orders daily and rarely see orders from new clients also all of my impressions are only in the 100’s within the past 30 days! It used to be 1,000s.
I know the market has become even more saturated but is there anything I could work on or has anyone had something similar happen to them and was able to bounce back? Any advice would be appreciated!

Also before anyone suggests I’m already promoting on social media and know most of the basic tips and tricks.

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