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I haven't recieved any orders


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this is something very normal for all beginners, nothing to be disappointed about this,

so first what i suggest that the services you are offering is something that a millions of other sellers are offers so that the key fact try to offer something new, or if you do not have any skill like that then try to offer them in a unique way, by making your gig more attractive, professional & that make a scene of trust in buyers mind,

@captain_786 & @hossainarif1971 Hope this point will help you, best of luck

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Please someone tell us how we get orders on fiverr.

fiverr.com df3e3fb2023e07c726b007e85fb804e26ee70f3d.jpg

captain_786's public profile on Fiverr

I am a Guru Graphic Designer and can design very appealing logo designs, flyers, brochures and other branding related stuff. Senior graphic designer/Video Editor with 4 years of experience.I complete the job in time and with great...

If you want help you need to make your own heading under the category “Improve My Gig”.

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