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Please review my profile tell me why not getting any sales?


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If you are as motivated as you claim, what other things are you doing to make your business work? Are you advertising your gigs to the people that need your services? Are you blogging about them, building websites or pages to promote them? Do you maintain a Facebook page that has followers who love your work and want to know more about what you do? Do you maintaining an advertising campaign? Do you hand out business cards to those who ask about your work (and the business cards have your gig address on them)? Do you interact with and inform your local community about what you do? Do you take out ads in your local newspaper? Do you SEO your gigs and/or associated webpages to be more appealing to Google and other search engines?

To be honest, I’m going to guess that you don’t do any of these things. You just created one gig on Fiverr, and you’re hoping people will find it by chance, purchase from you, and make you rich.

Unfortunately, that’s not how business – or Fiverr – works.

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