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Buyer refuses to pay and wants to cancel after the job is done


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Hey guys, I hope you’re having a fantastic day!

I have this buyer who ordered a $50 video animation work that went from having to a 30 seconds video to a 1 minute animation with two different effects

each time I deliver the buyer requests changes and goes beyond the initial agreement, his English wasn’t even that good so I figured I won’t get into much talk, I’ll just deliver what he wants and let him go and maybe not accept projects from him again

long story short, I delivered bunch of video all of which are same quality 1080p Full HD and when he made up his mind on the final change with the final colors and effects and I did deliver… I expected a 5 stars rating and maybe even a tip but guess what I had?

a dispute stating that the quality is poor and he wants to cancel…

I declined the request, reported him to Fiverr and they seem to have nothing they can do about it, they can’t force him to accept the order and we can’t expect them to, they suggested I continue to discuss with him the matter and find a peaceful solution

I did message him something like “I understand your point of view, please let me know what you think is poor about the video and how you want it to be so we can fix it”

of course he was trying to scam the funds and walk away with the video and a refund, and he did request another cancellation saying and I quote “the quality is poor, thats it, I will not pay”

his aim is not to pay, period.
what do you guys think of that? how would you handle such a situation? any tips or advice would be appreciated

Thank you

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