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Uncovering The Positives: 2 Weeks w/o Sales



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Uncovering The Positives: 2 Weeks w/o Sales is hard

Who else knows the [Fiverr] struggle? You thought you were going the right way. Next thing you know, a fortnight passes and BOOM reality slaps you with this 1 truth…Uncovering The Positives: 2 Weeks w/o Sales is hard

If I asked “Who knows that [being positive] is more rewarding than being negative?”, most of us would say…“duh, no brainer”.

What I’ve come to learn (and feel free to tell me if Your Fiverr Experience has been similar) is this: Sometimes Being Positive is easier said than done.

Uncovering The Positives: 2 Weeks w/o Sales - My Fiverr Experience

My name is Jason Paden, and I joined Fiverr in the end of September just this year. Like many others I struggled to get my first sale.

Although, it took nearly a month for my first conversion, my “glass is half full” mentality never wavered.

Having said that, I could not honestly make the same claim after I finally tasted my first sale. Don’t get me wrong, the $25 was great…but I had a vision. A vision of “set in stone” sales to come.

  • How many times have you almost quit Fiverr?
  • Never Have
  • Once or Twice
  • 5rr more


What I had not seen in the vision were those “set in stone” sales crumbling to a mound of 14 days without another sale

Uncovering The Positives: 2 Weeks w/o Sales - Day 10

Sure enough those stones have crumbled though. Seeing the days without a sale roll into the double digits is what really made me feel sorry for myself. These words are exactly what I was thinking Day 11, “Here I am, a seasoned entrepreneur. In business for over 10 years, and in a month I’ve been conquered by the competition on some site younger than my son.” Day 12 I decided I’d just close my account…

I’m logging into my desktop at the home-office so that I can seal my Fiverr failure fate once and for all now. I sit down and immediately I feel full of the familiarity that working from my chair at my home-office carries. That’s when I began to think back. Back to when my comfy chair was not the same chair at all. In fact, “comfy” and my previous chair had never met.

Come to think of it my home-office wasn’t an office. Truth be told, I worked from a tv dinner table, in nothing more than closet at the beginning. A dark closet that I would call the “Digital Dungeon”. I spent days and nights chained in that personal hell, tormented by the very flames that wrought my worth.

Here’s some of the lessons that those, over a decade-old memories, rekindled.

Uncovering The Positives: 2 Weeks w/o Sales - A New Day
  • You Don’t Work You Don’t Eat

If you don’t bring value, and exchange that value for capital,

you will starve.

  • Steel Your Mind

Don’t wish it was easier. Wish You Were Better.

Then make manifest that mentality.

  • If you fall in the day of adversity, your strength is small

If I fall down I stand back up.

Better. Faster. Stronger.

  • Spend 9% of time on the Problems and 91% on Solutions

Most, by nature, find the flaws in everything. Because we have to, to know what needs to be fixed. But make sure your spending more time fixing than you are finding.

  • [Persevere]

If you don’t persevere you sever yourself from certain success.

If you persevere you turn severe stumbling blocks into the building blocks of wealth.

Uncovering The Positives: 2 Weeks w/o Sales Could be 4, 5, 6...

Discover the negatives then start Uncovering The Positives: 2 Weeks w/o sales Could be 4, 5, 6… maybe even 12 weeks if you’re not careful. Is not selling anything a positive? No, but in this life, if we don’t learn to take the negatives that show up and turn them into positives, then we don’t stand a chance. In business, that truth is even more evident. So cancel the pity party and persevere. Look on the bright side, you could be like all the people that don’t have an income at all, [in need of a job]. Or you could be like the quitters. Who turned 2 weeks of no [sales on Fiverr into weeks, months, and years of the same.

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It’s funny that what you call a “spam technique” is what the rest of the world calls self-promotion. This is the only forum I’ve ever posted in that didn’t allow at least one personal link. Most allow two. With that type of thinking then I guess “share your gig” is a spam technique as well.

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