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Lots of views & clicks BUT NO ORDERS


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Hello Fiverr Community:
It’s been 6 months I am not getting any order. During this time, I’d been offline alot. But from past 2 months, I am coming online regularly. During these 6 months, I improved my skills and learned new skills. I tailored my gigs to show my skills and what I can do for the buyers. BUT ALL IN VAIN. I still don’t get any order and I am really worried about. Can someone PLEASE check my profile and suggest me how can I improve it? I got a lot of views & clicks on the gigs BUT no orders.

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There are a lot of competitors in your category who have thousands of positive ratings.

then, why will anyone order your gig?

  • your gig price is high, start with $5 and gain reviews and trust… then increase your prices.

I have all other gigs with 5$ price BUT still not getting the order. Is this even a place for new freelancers??

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First off all I would like to request you to be more patients.

So many views and clicks but no order, that is very clear your title and tags are okay. Must be problem is in your gig description or pricing.
Please specify the services clearly in each package and set the standard prices which is not overpricing as well as lower price.
And forget to Keep online regularly, you must have to try to keep online 24 hrs.You can use Fiverr app and altime stay online.

Best of luck

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I also have this happening to me, but i don’t know if it is because i clicked on my own post. I have around 149 views but no orders, can someone please help me?

You should check your competitors gigs, how they present and describe their service.

Create your gig according to your competitors, if your gig are not attractive and well explained than your committers have more chances to get the order.

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