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Little secrets to impress your buyers


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Building a long-term working relationship with a new client is really the goal of Fiverr. Here are a few ideas to help buyer relationships start out on the right track. You may be tempted to skim over these, but consider how to use them to your advantage:

  1. Make an interesting or intriguing video. You don’t have to display this as your main Fiverr video but deliver it with your completed work. Perhaps you could thank customers with a private message, sell additional services, or brand your work in some other way.
  2. Give them unexpected free stuff. Can you include a free report? A list of tools? Or, suggest a book that they may find helpful? An unsolicited, nice gesture to say “Thanks!” can go a long way.
  3. Tell them the truth and be straight-to-the-point, in a respectful way. Occasionally, you may ruffle a few feathers. But, you also could gain a new, long-term client. I can’t tell you how many people tell me they appreciate an honest opinion for a change. Especially polarizing opinions. People will either love you or love to hate you, but at least they trust you are honest.
  4. Be yourself. We all have our own unique brand of weirdness, right? Don’t be afraid to be yourself and quit the “copycat” marketing that is all too common these days.
  5. Be impartial. Treat buyers the same, whether they spend $5 with you or $500.
  6. Use a buyer’s first name in correspondence. Get to know people on a first name basis and you are on your way to turning a buyer into a client into a long term relationship.
  7. No hidden fees or agendas. If you realize that you undercharged someone, don’t hassle over price this time. Let it go and be more careful with the next order.
  8. Deliver earlier than expected or notify buyers if you are behind in your delivery.
  9. Put effort into your work. If you are tired, take a break by extending your delivery time until you can put forth more effort. Your work is a direct reflection of how well you take care of yourself and needs first.
    10.Personalize the deliverable just for them. As much as you can, try to give each buyer a unique experience with you so he feels like he is important and not another anonymous buyer.
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