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An order actually just auto-completes? Or Sellers just set orders as complete?


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Hey - so I assume in a system like this, Sellers can have a tough time from Buyers. But actually - Buyers can get railroaded too.


When trying to explain why the work done wasn't suitable or what we asked, the Fiverr seller just kept sending the same work. THere were modifications made but they didn't come close to showing he understood anything (the problem is the height. The height is too long). However, he did display some kind of .. semi-aggression in his response. Seems to have taken more time to reply with partial insult than actually just change the height OR explain why height could not be changed.


Anyway, we are actually happy to pay for the gig, but we can't use the graphic. We understand work was done. Take the money. My question is: how come we can ask for modifications, but after a certain number of times, the seller just completes the order? I sense this seller just clicked on Deliver in order to complete the order. But that leaves us unhappy because we don't accept this order. hey - TAKE the payment. But on principle, this work is not complete. Just leave us our dignity.


We don't want to leave negative feedback because sellers just respond to negative feedback by insulting the buyer. I dont think Buyers can respond to Seller's responses. Right? Anyway, that is not what we are about - unlike this Seller.


OK to summarize, my question is:


1. So - if you don't like something, you can't keep asking for modifications. The order will just complete after xx number of deliveries?


2. I have a second question: this kind of means that whatever Sellers deliver, Buyers have to accept right? The only real recourse is negative feedback (which Buyers can refute in a short sentence?)?

Final clarification: we didn't ask for multiple modifications - we asked for 1. After the third re-delivery of the same thing, we didn't respond at all. The Buyer did his own thing the whole way through. Also, we offered to purchase a second gig to cover any work. We would have accepted any explanation or negotiation on the height/work, but no explanation was given, just some kind of complain-whining response. Our real problem here is actually that we don't feel the order should have been marked as completed. But we're actually happy for the payment to be taken.


From the start, what is the point of allowing a modification request feature if the Seller is just going to give you whatever he wants? You HAVE to eat it. In worst case scenarios, the Buyer is just going to insult the Seller, deliver the same thing repeatedly, then refute negative feedback. The opportunity cost of going through the motion is too high for the Seller if the true intention is to actually get some work done.

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Hi, I’m a buyer, and I think I’ve worked out my problem.

I asked and paid for 2 revisions and when the first artwork came the message said this order will be completed in 3 days - but had no timing on the message. So, I must have missed the feedback time. And then the job was listed as completed. (Before any revisions)

Couple of questions:

  1. Is it possible for the 3 days to be “counted down” somehow - 'cos I realize this is not easy with everyone in a different time zone.
  2. If I order 2 revisions how does the 3 days work? Do we get another 3 days to review before the first artwork/delivery review (for example) - and then another 3 days for the second revision to be submitted?

    And a tip for sellers. Maybe you should charge a different fee for one review, two reviews like some others - so people are clearer on the ground rules.
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