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Suggestions for gig improvement?


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Just looking for suggestions on gig improvement, what you would advise, advise against doing, etc. Any additional help before I put the finishing touches on about 4 new Fiverr gigs I will be releasing to the general public soon. Whether the advice is for the increase of selling, or the improvement of over-all visibility, open to any and all suggestions to try to bring Fiverr to more of a center stage for me, thanks to all who help!

My personal suggestions to those new:

-Choose gigs with ideal and unique short titles that people would search for.

-Put up a video, as mentioned by Fiverr as well as numerous Fiverr sellers.

-Offer something you can break down into many categories to increase the value per “gig order”.

-Over-delivering with new potential long-term clients can lead to future bulk orders and continued buyer satisfaction.

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