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How i got my first buyer!

Guest brandegic

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Guest brandegic

Hello there,
I know that a lot of people here just started on fiverr, i’m new here too but i want to share with you guys how i got my first sale in less than a week!
First of all you should know that Fiverr is a mine of gold if you know how to use it, i hope those advices will help you get more sales, or get your first sale!
1- Be honest,
Never offer something you can’t do NEVER, you may have a buyer but doing bad work will just get you bad reviews and this is so bad for you
2- Make it special,
Check the other sallers on your category and see what they offer, and why they are getting sales ( check their description, the gig gallery, the tags )
I’m a logo designer and this helped me a lot, i’m always monitoring the other designers and how they improve their gigs
This is your key, buyer request, everday send your 10 offers, never copy and past your offer text, read carrefuly what the buyer request, and offer him something specia, something that will attract him to order from you
4- Never lose hope,
Try to be all the time online, keep working on your gig, send offers daily, and you will get your first sale soon.
Finally i wish you good luck and don’t forget to check my gig, it may help me too 🙂

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