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Does a REVISION mean doing it again from scratch if the clients change their mind?


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Hi everybody,

Firstly I would like to said that up to now I did more than 345 jobs in Fiverr and I had no problems with most of the clients, I also want to say that I had a few problems with a few clients who wanted me to do something completely different that they fistly apply in their orders for free and some of them understand my situation when I tryed to explain that a review doesn’t mean doing it again from scratch because they decided to change their first idea.

But I read in the forums that A REVIEW could be exactly that, doing it again from screatch if the client wants it. And I’m still thinking it would be completely unfair because if you did your job following the directions of the client and after realizing that they don’t like it that way, it is not my fault.

Imagine that situation. As a recording studio owner, one of my gigs is doing a complete production. If someone apply for: “I want you to write for an ensemble, strings, flute, basson, bass and guitar, a suite of 6 minutes the style of arabesque” and after reveicing the job they say, “Sorry, I change my mind, I want it but for a jazz big band with ukulele and singer, that’s my revision”

It would be completely unfair for me having to do something completely different from scratch due to the client change of mind. And if you have 2 revisions? “Sorry I change my mind again, I would like a heavy rock band with double bass drums and a female singer instead of a male singer”

Please, tell me if I am wrong or a REVISION is not doing it from scratch.

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There’s some text they have to agree to when they make an order (in the requirements section) that says something like “I agree that I have specified all requirements fully and changes to the requirements (or something like that?) may be subject to additional charge” or something like that.

In the terms of service page it says:

Buyers may use the “Request Revisions” feature located on the Order page while an order is marked as Delivered if the delivered materials do not match the seller’s description on their Gig page or they do not match the requirements sent to the seller at the beginning of the order process.

So it seems like if the requirements change compared to what was specified by the buyer in the requirements section of the order when intitially ordering, they can be chargeable (ie. you could ask them for an additional charge before going ahead with them).

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