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Referrals For Fiverr


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No limit. You can earn up to 500$

Just go to referrals page and type your friends email in boxes. Multiple entries should be separated by a comma. You will copy the link and share it on social media platform.


Shahin Alam

Is 500$ the max i can get referring a friend or i can refer as many as possible?

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So it is not as easy as referring your friends, they have to spend dollars too?

That’s to deter fraud.

Anyone can create accounts or refer neighbors and friends in the hundreds; get free money. Then create another account, refer more, get more.

It serves no purpose to refer whole bunch of friends who don’t spend any money. 🙂 Afterall, 5r is a business.

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Yes, that is correct.

I’ve read some threads where the person is asking why after referring friends, they did not get money.

I knew there would be those people. They are the same ones that are spamming Buyer Requests as sellers. They are all busy sending offers to each other. Maybe they will be so busy doing that the will not make offers on the true Buyer Requests.

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