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First, note that Fiverr has different sections for “Buying and Selling” activity versus this Forum section. So to find sellers, leave the Forum section and go to the regular buy/sell section of Fiverr ( www.Fiverr.com ) and either:

  1. BROWSE the categories by topics. The most popular topics are shown with colorful links high on the main page. If the category of work YOU seek is not shown there, look for either a “pull down menu” that shows a few extra tech & business categories, or scroll down the front page quite a ways to find clickable links to MANY more categories than are shown above.

  2. SEARCH the site by entering somne good keywords in the search box near the top banner on the homepage.

    Note that you still won’t find every seller that way, as some are not easily found by searches for many good and bad reasons that take WAY too long to explain.

    BUT-- if you are just looking for a specific seller from whom you have made a PURCHASE in the past, then you can also probably find them under your “Shopping” tab. As lonfg as they are still active on Fiverr and still using the same user name.

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