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What can I do to get buyers


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Hi everyone,

I created 7 gigs as a new seller 4 weeks ago. Ever since then, I have not got a buyer!. I have been promoting my gigs on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, sending 10 Buyer requests on a daily basis. Yet, no buyers! Why is it so difficult to get a buyer in 4 weeks?
Kindly enlighten me on what to do again to get buyers
Also help me check my gigs. Perhaps, I might put wrong things there.

Here is my profile Help me out

Your kind suggestions/observations will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards
Alice Albert

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Well maybe it’s about the nature of the gigs that your provide, try to came up with different gig that it’s unique and you can’t find a lot of sellers provide it you know.

However you should be more patient because sometimes it takes really long months to get your “first buyer” but then you get a lot of buyers after that.

And good luck! 😁

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