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My first Gig but no sales at all :( its been a weak


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You need to promote your gigs outside of fiverr to gain traction. You can start by posting in forums related to your gigs (No spam though), you can share you gig with your friends on your social media accounts such as Facebook, twitter etc.

You could also buy a couple of promotion gigs on fiverr. Always over deliver on orders and people will gladly leave you feedback and you can build up your reputation on fiverr.

Good luck!

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Plamen, here’s what you do.

Do a google search for the keywords regarding your ideal customers and then do the search with the word "FORUM"

Then, join the forums if they’re public and free…if you can tell that they’re non-active before joining, join only the active ones.

Participate for a while before promoting (except in your signature file where allowed)

Try to be indirect.

Say you do graphics.

Talk about design issues and add a line like. When folks get design work from mat at fiverr, here’s how I handle that or ensure that the client gets what they want. You can see examples in my portfolio at (LINK)


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