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Suggestion for Fiverr App


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I don’t know if this has been Made a discussion before or not. But I want to give some suggestion for Fiverr development about the app.

Here is some suggestion for Fiverr app according to my view

  1. For iOS app, I think it would be better if we had the option to use quick response button inside the delivery job section (my fiverr app on iOS can’t do that, or maybe it because my iOS out of date - i’m using iOS 10)

  2. A pending amount of pending withdrawal maybe can be shown on app too (for iOS app)

  3. Pin up important message or notificationy.
    Sometime when we get a lot of message or notificationy, it would be better if we had an option to pin up for some important message or notificationy so it will keep showing in very top of our message or notificationy.

  4. Warning notification for maintenance.
    If maybe we can get some warning notification on our iOS app when the development team is going to do maintenance that would be great. So not just in the website.

That is some of my suggestion from my view as a full time freelancer.

If you had another suggestion for Fiverr app, you can share it here and let’s make fiverr app become more better in future.

I really enjoy to use this app so far, it was a great tool to work.


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