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4$ a time.... $XXXX untill now ... WOOT (4 digit amount)


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A lot of people laughed with the fiverr concept when I told them about it when I started with it…

In the beginning I had one or two orders… At that time I didn’t know I had a skill that I could use and that is oo so

needed. Zencart and opencart. These two specialities delivered me gigs… a lot of them.

Until now I earned $XXX in about 6 months (I was longer active but never put my full attention in it).

This is not anymore about 4$, this month i will reach the 200$ mark of monthly revenue.

This is about returning customers, customers who buy in bulk (20 at the time), customers who only trust you in doing the job, great reviews that make you smile for a day.

Its all about discovering your skill I quesse to build up something succesfully!

Next month I am anticipating to get the monthly to 400$. Fiverr gives me that peace of independence and I am total in control of it in what i accept and in what i do!

Anyway, if you need help with your zencart or opencart… just leave me a message, benwpr at your service!

Updated on my story:

Some stats: 100 completed - 2 delivered (: Never thought to see that!

Update story

Lost my level 2 ranking because I provided a customer a link because I could not create the module but was available from the shelf…

Update story

I just hit the 1000 -1100$ mark (; And that without any level… My levels are still removed…

Reached my 210th order

Update 14 December 2013 - Level 2 again thanks to amazing support and 235 orders and counting… (:

Going slower… but people buying more gigs an extra and it counts as 1 order-

Today at midnight… 250 orders! GOGOGO to 500!

Update 19/02/2014

  • Wedding coming soon, soon enough I will use the holiday mode for 2 well deserved wedding party/vacation in Jamaica!
  • Reached a 9% global reach, was sitting on 8% before.

    -Positive rating sits at 99%, due marriage has one extra negative auto review, I am just slower these days I quesse, the customer although rebought the gig and all been cleared (:

    -A thousand milestone number increase will happen soon. reached 260 orders just now! ((I must say my orders increased dramatically when I was un-leveled as people bought 10 orders a time)

    Update 28/03/2014

    My wedding was awesome

    Reached the 280 order completed (:
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Glad to hear of your recent success! Just an fyi though, it is not recommended to disclose earnings and/or cash balances in the forum, as it is hacker bait and you leave yourself exposed to phishing and other possible threats.

Not too long ago, there were quite a few scams trolling around fiverr that took out quite a few sellers and their account balances. Something you certainly wouldn’t want to encounter, as I’m sure there are still some going around…

Just a heads up!


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Guest beccadex

When i started, i made 1 sale for about 6 months, and lost faith, then i added some gigs that people really wanted. once i started making money, some of my friends have come to me, and have asked me how i work on fiverr and the awesome stuff ive been able to afford.

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Nice job, I made nearly $1000 in the first month and a half of my gig but had to cancel because of how time consuming it was (almost like a full time job, specialized professional work).

But I did hit lvl 2 and I’m tempted to bring it back at double the price now that I have the extra payment options. Then again, I’ve been ‘tempted’ for almost 3 months now 😛

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Guest matt_garry

how are you still a sheep I don’t get it you have good rating alot of sales?

I thought that violating just reset it I thought you could get another 50 sales and then get the levels back

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Reply to @cuty_sarah:

Deliver good work Sarah and people buy and buy. I have a guy buying over 350$ in orders from me over the year because I deliver results. Levels make it just easier to manage your sells… People buying 8 gigs a time is a nightmare. Managing the information is quite dumb. I stopped crying about it as for me it doesnt really matter. People buy my stuff, with or without the level. Levels might be important for categories were there is a lot of competition.

Too explain what happened:

I lost my levels due fiverr TOS rules.

These rules do not match the freedom a programmer need to execute his work. Does it not proof if I have over 200 orders, over a 1220$, worth in money, 99% positive rating that I stick to fiver? In fiverr the programmers always seen to be a second hands citizen… Do we got the same features designers have? they got extra stuff on the gig page, programmers do not. Generally the seller is always in fault, even when the customer is a ass. Not delivering right login info, not reading the gigs,… Some people think we gonna debug 10.000 of lines of code for 3.98$… We are not modern slaves.

  • I was on time warned because i worked on a fiverr clone script for somebody. Is this my fault? Not really. There is no legit court order that that script was illegal. But fiverr decides about it, what is there right…

    -I was one time warned because of a email adres. I modify modules that have todo with email stuff… I all needed it to execute my gig… so that is what I mean… freedom

    -I was warned on time because I gave someone advice that I could not make the module for him (this was free advice, just contact me via inbox) because the actually of the shelf module was only 15$… would be more expensive If did make it. They replied ‘this is not cool’… really… 3 bucks, that guy order over 40 gigs from me on this time… and he still is… this just proof the fact I might have cause fiverr to loose 3$, at-least I gained a CUSTOMER for live that orders… and keep ordering.

    I been stop crying… made threads enough if you check my history. I tried to live with it… Made 300$ this month and counting. So I am happy. I am not happy how fiverr threads his sellers, but who cares… when i see dollars that pay for my wedding.


    Completed: 201 orders

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