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Five years of Graphic Design


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February 2012
I had graduated from school one year before, I was unemployed because it was hard to find a job. finally, I try to learn the design, because the internet simplifies everything, I learned by looking at the tutorials on the internet. at first, I didn’t know anything because I am not a graduate from art school. but because I don’t have a job, I have plenty of time to learn and keep learning until finally, I am quite familiar with graphic design. I am looking for what I can do to get money from it. I searched for something I love like cartoons, caricatures, paintings. Finally, I found what I love. I learn until finally my works were praised by my friends in social media. at that time I tried to open the services of a digital cartoon. and well, I can get what I want from it. I am happy and just doing the job for the Indonesian. until finally, I found Fiverr. Fiverr ads appear on my facebook and I try to open. It turns out here are great people gathered :star_struck:. I learned how Fiverr works, and finally, I opened GIGS on Fiverr. Exactly 4 months ago. I was frustrated because I didn’t get a job from here. and finally, a few weeks ago I got my first job 😇
I started to get excited after getting that first job, I ended up always hanging out at BR and always spending 10 offers every day. In the end, I earned the 1st level badge a few days ago. yaaay 😃

I made this just to train my English. So if there are incorrect words or spellings, I’m so sorry 😃

Happy weekend guys
Greetings from Indonesia 😉

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