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My level is decreased


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some days ago I got a notification from fiverr that I was trying to get some payment outside fiverr.
My level was also decreased from level 2 to level 1.
When I connected to CS they told the reason was That I was trying to connect someone on Facebook that is why level is reduced.

I am confused and I want to know which reason is true so that I can avoid it in future.
Also neither I tried to contact outside fiverr nor asked any buyer to pay me outside…

I have checked my 100+ messages and not a single was found in which I tried to do so…Yes in one message one of buyer tried to collect my outside email address but I denied.(Can I do something that buyer cannot ask me?)

I want to check when I did this as My level is decreased already and I am really worry.

I also have a warning that If I will do this is future my account will be suspended.I need you people help How I can identify so that I can avoid it in future.
Yes, One issue is that I am social media marketer and do promotions for social media.
So for sure people give me their fb page links posts links and even sometime for a specific post promotions they give me their profile link.
But I do not contact them outside fiverr.
Even When I get customers after advertising my services on Facebook or Google adwords I bring them to fiverr…so that we can do business in a secure way.Also if (I can give proof of this).
In short I do not beleive any business outside fiverr because eberything I am today is because of fiverr.
But still my level is decreased and my account is on the edge of being suspended.
Please help me.

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