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I can't open the file my designer sent me


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Hi there,
the business card my designer sent me is a photoshop file that I’m not able to open.
I’m trying to design my cards in vistaprint but it won’t work since I can’t save the file on my computer!

My designer isn’t replying,
how do I open the file? I tried to change the name to .pdf at the end but it won’t work.
Thanks a lot

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Yeah, I’m not really good at this…

I have no idea how to send you the file :roll_eyes:

I just realized it saved as .ai whatever that is?

The easiest way would be to click on my username (idostuff4u) which will take you to my fiverr profile and then you can click the ‘contact me’ button. On the bottom right, you’ll see a paper clip icon. That is used to upload files.

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