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Buyers not leaving shipping address


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This topic is for sellers who ship their gigs.

I have recently had some buyers ordering a gig and not providing the shipping address. And then staying quiet (I sent them a message on the order page a few minutes after they ordered to give me their address for shipping).

How do you deal with these kinds of orders? Do you make them and deliver, then wait for the address of the buyer? Do you cancel them when time runs out? Any tips are welcome.

I am now thinking of adding a line to my required gig details to give me their shipping address even though it already asks for it automatically. Another solution to this (which would be preferable) is for fiverr developers to add one field in gig order page just for shipping address (only on gigs with shipping obviously).

Any thoughts?

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They used to always forget, especially their names and for international their city. I’ve gotten really good with Google Maps, that’s all I’ll say. This is how my Information Requested (the thing they have to send back before the order starts) now reads.

"Thanks for your order. In order to get my product to you I need:




If you are not the recipient and this is a gift, please put your name and a note to be included here. Please don’t forget, I need your giftee’s FULL NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS, INCLUDING CITY, COUNTRY AND MAIL CODE (for international especiallly) or else, alas, you or they will not receive it. Thank you!"

Once I did this, with GIANT CAPITAL LETTERS, I got what I needed the minute they put the order in.

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Thanks for the reply, I have updated my gigs acordingly.

But what do/did you do when the buyer still doesn’t enter his address and doesn’t respond to your messages? I am thinking about delivering the photo of their order and waiting till they send me their address.

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That’s all you can do! And continue to nudge/bug them (cheerfully) a lot – once a week – about it. They usually get back to you after a while. Sometimes a long while, lol.

The product is made and waiting for them, so it’s not right for you to get slapped with a negative.

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