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What to do, what to do


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Hello Fiverr people, I hope you guys are doing fine.

I offer character drawings here at Fiverr, and basically it’s a gig per character if it is for personal use/gifts.

I charge the gig extra if the image is for professional/profit making/business purposes.

A few days ago, a buyer sent me a message asking me if I can work on an image, and that he will

use that image for a charity. He also added that since they have low funding, they would

like the image to be done for one gig.

Usually when a buyer tells me that they are on a tight budget, I refuse to work on business images for one gig ( I do tell them politely, of course) since it would be unfair for the other buyers who have paid the full price.

For this case I was a bit confused since it is for charity.

If the image is going to be used for such event, would that be considered a "business/profit making/professional?"

The buyer also mentioned that this charity is for children with an illness.

Ouch…now I’m feeling a bit guilty.

I want to be fair towards the other buyers,

But it would be great if I can help this charity event,

I’m going back and forth in my head.

Any advice on what I should do here???

Is a charity even a type of a “business?”

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It’s your business and you can run it anyway you want.

I’m not sure why you make a distinction between “personal use/gifts.” and "professional/profit making/business purposes."

Making this distinction adds a layer of complexity before the sale even takes place.


We all want to be kind and fair, but buyers budgets (or words) shouldn’t dictate how you feel.

If a local charity calls or walks into your business, you do what you can, if you can. But you can’t help every charity or every person with hard luck story.

Just write back and say, "Thank you for reaching out. However, I don’t have a gig that fits what you are looking for."

The buyer will either purchase the gig to your standards or go elsewhere. Either way you can move on and not be going back and forth in your head.

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Thank you for your comments! 🙂

> buyers budgets (or words) shouldn’t dictate how you feel

Very true, normally I don’t react that much to what the buyers say, but the whole

"a charity for chilren" part got me a bit this time.

I’ll hold my ground and stick to my usual price.

Thx again! 🙂

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