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700 reviews are completed today :)


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Hi Everyone,

Today i have achieved 700 reviews. I am so happy that I

found Fiverr in 2015.

I would like to thank Fiverr Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman for such a lovely platform.

When i got the first order on Fiverr that was beautiful moment for me.

I worked with potential clients and some clients was belongs to development agency. they were impressed

with my work & quality and only because of them, today I have 700 reviews.

And I would like to thank also those customers who left negative reviews, I learned more and more to deal with the different buyers on Fiverr.

I have spend all the money on my Home(House Contraction) and i also purchased a nice RIDE (Bike). My Parents

have proud on me that after study I start working and earning and helping them.

I would like to thank also Fiverr Support Team, they are very helpful in all matters. I do get support faster

and they keep replying my emails whenever i asked them for help.

I am always follow Fiverr Policy.

My suggestion to all the new sellers who just start career on Fiverr, please be honest with Fiverr never ask

buyer for direct external payments. may be you can earn extra 20% but you can loss good career.

Never cheat with any buyer, try to provide your 100%, if still buyer is not happy, refund him with politely.

May be he/she come again to you next time.

Kind Regards,

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Guest fahimdewan

Congratulation man!

Keep it up and I hope the best to you =)

Congratulation man!

Congratulation man!

Give me some suggestions,I am new seller

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Thank you guys… 🙂

@chelsea101 Keep doing great work you will reach soon…
I never create duplicate orders from the same buyer on the same day…even sometime m charges are $500 but sending only 1 Offer not creating multiple orders.

The amount i earned is more than $23000 my reviews should be in 1000 but never messmy profile for creating multiple orders. Here some sellers doing this but not me…

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Congratulations and keep going.

What you are doing is absolutely right, don’t split the orders for the same work. I am also following the same like you, i have designed a catalog for $450 as a single order.

so If the projects are different and the client is same we can use different custom orders for each project so that it will be easy for us as well as to the buyers to track that particular order.

So you are doing absolutely amazing. Keep rocking and deliver High quality work as you do.

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