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Does Fiverr help with unreasonable bad reviews?


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Hi guys,

So for the second time I got an order from someone that wants more than what I offer for 5 bucks and then they kind of threaten me with a bad review if I don’t do it.
Does Fiverr usually help in cases like this? So would they delete the bad review if I contact them?

Thank you very much

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Let them give a bad review.
Never accept the threat.

Reply to that review smartly and also report to fiverr, if that buyer has consistent history of giving unreasonable bad review fiverr might help getting it removed.

If you have not done the work yet cancel it. Do not let someone exploit your service or threaten you.
Cancellations are better than bad review.

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No. They will no longer help you! They always take buyer’s side. Sorry.com 😃

Not correct.

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If I sold Coffee maker, shall I make the coffee for you life time?

Fiverr finally cancelled and refunded buyer Customer support himself assured me that order won’t get cancelled as I have delivered what was asked for. And next day I got mail order is cancelled and refunded. Well I am stuck with a buyer who is...

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Here’s my latest experience with Fiverr support

3 years old Top Rated Buyer Vs 3 months Old Seller

Support team doesn’t take anyone’s side, they abide by rules and TOS.

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