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Refund USD for client


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I am new on fiverr. I had done already 2 Orders in my 2 gig. Then one client knock for optimize her web site. Before my work her optimize percent was in google 53% in Desktop and Mobile 52%. After my work its go 75% in Mobile and 87% in Desktop.

After my work he told me her site load fast but site has problem mobile platform is not show good. But, I know i worked just optimize and showing platform was problem it’s just designer responsive problem. But, I was not her designer.

I delivered her order but he does not accept the order. He want to refund he payment.But, How to refund because my fund is now empty no amount my fund because i’m new in fiverr. If he will doesn’t accept my delivered order that means if take it pending, have any problem for this. I want to know.

Thank You.

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