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SDCC badge registration coming soon!


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…so I’ve mentioned it here a few times before, but I’m a nerd, and I go to San Diego Comic Con with my friends every summer. Since I am an illustrator, I get the professional badge which is great, and I also can get additional 2 guest badges. I have managed to get the 2 guest badges for my friends every year, I guess I was veeeery lucky since the guest badges are in high demand every year.

The pro/guest badge registration will start next week, I always feel nervous when it starts.
I know I can get a badge for myself, but I need those 2 guest badges for my friends!
Please wish me luck, and may the Con fairies be with me!! :fairy:
I need some nerdy fairy dust sprinkled on me.

…and just in case you guys are thinking why the heck am I typing this here at the forum, Fiverr and Comic Con actually has a strong connection since my hotel/traveling fees during the cons are covered by Fiverr ! Also the images I work on here at Fiverr is part of my portfolio I submit to SDCC to apply for a pro badge.

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