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Extra fast delivery for large orders - do you charge extra?


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Say you have a gig offering one article in 3 days with the possibility to get it in a day for a price - the Fast Delivery extra. If someone orders five articles and selects the extra, that means you have to send five articles in one day but will only get paid once for fast delivery. This is just an example and the order can be much bigger and more difficult to handle, as I’m sure most sellers know.

So, obviously, it’s possible to get such an order as the ordering system enables it. How would you deal with this situation, especially if you were already quite busy? Would you deliver the order as usual, and work your butt off without getting paid accordingly? Or maybe explain the issue, try to get the buyer to pay, and if they refuse, cancel?
And most importantly, is there a way to somehow prevent this from happening, considering that most new buyers don’t really read gig descriptions, and the regulars never read them at all?

Note that I had a line in one of my gig descriptions asking people not to do this, and that it usually didn’t work.

Thanks everyone for your (hopefully) life-saving advice 😃

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I explain for them the situation clearly,and give them my reasons ,99% of buyers understand that and agree to pay for the extra.

I’ve had run-ins like these with both reasonable and unreasonable buyers, thankfully the current one proved to be reasonable and was able to understand the situation.

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