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:roll_eyes: People Who Don't Read Messages


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Yesterday, I was having a typical conversation, but my buyer and I suddenly came to an impasse: he began completely disregarding my messages!

He sent me his website link and asked me to quote how much an “About” page would be. He then asked what information I would need. I got back to him, told him I looked at his site (mostly placeholder content and a lot of broken links), and gave him my rate. I also stated the information he would need to give me.

He responds, “Check the site.”

I tell him, “I already looked at your site, this information isn’t there. Could you please provide [so and so]?”

He responds (again), “Check the site.”

I copy/paste my message again.

He copy/pastes his message again.

I ignore him.

This morning, he sent the link again.

How hard is it to read a two-sentence message? How do you get any order properly completed when you can’t do that?

It baffles me. I’m not working with him and I think I dodged a bullet by not sending the offer until I asked for more information. He spoke fluent English so I know he would understand exactly what I said if he actually read my message.

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