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Buyers still requesting testimonials


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Last month Fiverr changed their policy to no longer offer testimonials (ie. I used this service (that I didn’t actually use) and it was great), so we can now only act as a spokesperson (ie. Company A offers services X, Y, Z that helps customers). I totally get it and I’m on board - I felt a little weird doing these testimonials anyway. The problem is, I’ve changed my gig and even said that I don’t do testimonials anymore, but people are still ordering and sending testimonial scripts. I tell them that Fiverr’s TOS has changed and I can’t do the script, but I can reword it to be inline with Fiverr’s TOS, but that’s not what they want. They want a testimonial. I can’t keep canceling these orders because it messes up my metrics, so Fiverr, can you please let the buyers know when they are placing the order of the new TOS? It would make it so much easier on me.

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