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How to improve gig ranking?


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Hello Members!
I’m a level 2 seller in Fiverr. Working here for the last 2 years and completed more than 1200 project successfully. I only have 12-15 negative review amount 987 reviews. In the past i got plenty of orders and my order in queue had always 20-25 orders. But recently, for the last 4 months i am hardly get direct order from new clients. My only getting orders from my old client and buyer request section. But all of my gigs impression, click and others are getting down sometimes and up sometimes but its not appear in the first 4,5 pages. That’s why new clients do not get my gig. I don’t know why my gigs are down and can’t raise it up. I am still getting regular 5star reviews from my other clients and i can’t remember when did i get the negative feedback. My delivery in time in 99%. Cancellation of order is very low. My gig cover photos and videos also description are antithetic and clear in my opinion. Everything is okay. Sometimes i did my gig social marketing in different website but the result is zero.

Can you please give me some exceptional advise to improve my gig and make it in the first page of search list?

Please note that, i need some really exceptional advise. Not making (gig title, description or others look professional) in this types because i know that.

Hope somebody is there to assist me
Many thanks

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