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Can I change my IP Address?


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Hi all, I am new in this market so naturally I have the least knowledge about Fiverr. I’ve already worked with a client. My problem is communication because I didn’t worked not at home but in my office as a result my client gave me his/her feedback at Night time and I replied at late morning. I don’t open my account at my home as someone told me that if I do this then I might lose my account. If this true then what should I do?

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Think about this way: sellers have vacations where they go to other places (different IP) and still respond to messages with no consequence. Sellers change homes and internet providers (different IP), and still work without any consequences.

I check my messages and sales at home, or when I’m in another city, either from my home connection or from my mobile phone connection.

We’ve reached to a new point: home connection has different IP than mobile data connection. Yet Fiverr has a mobile app. That means they allow us Fiverr from both home & mobile connections, which again are different IPs.

However, if still in doubt, drop a line to Customer Support and ask them 😉

P.S. you lose your account if you do shady suspicious activities involving VPNs, mangling IPs, etc.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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