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What ads does Google show you?


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So as you probably know, Google ad targeting chooses to show people ads based on what they know about you (horrible simplification but doesn’t matter).

This topic is for you to share what ads Google shows you as it can be interesting/funny to see what the Big G thinks you SHOULD BE DOING.

Google has decided that the Ads they should target me with are (in order of regularity):

  1. Online Dating ads
  2. The Open University and similar
  3. New Credit Card

I can honestly say that I have not searched for any of these or even anything related to these.
What does Google want you to buy?

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I can’t remember the ads I get on the actual search engine, but I do get a lot of ads on YouTube from the big G when I turn off Adblock once in a while.

The ones that I’ve been getting over and over recently have been:

  • A commercial for beer
  • Various makeup products
  • That one Amazon commercial with the dog (honestly a pretty cute commercial)
  • An ad for Crohn’s disease medication

I guess people of my age group are hard-partying, make-up wearing college students who buy a lot of stuff off Amazon…and maybe have Crohn’s disease? 😐

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Honestly, google shows things that I have never searched for, every website I open, it’s filled with ads about the local elections (voting for town majors) in my country. In general, I am an apolitical person when it comes to localpolitics in my country. Just as I report those ads, and make them hidden, another interesting thing appears, ads by Sportex (which is totally something I have never searched for, nor I google sex topics. After, reporting those stupid ads, and saying that they are irrelevant for me, I start getting good ads, one that I find helpful.

  • Asos (clothes)
  • BookDepository (books)
  • Zavvi (just nerdy stuff)
  • Fiverr gigs that I have searched for. In most cases, I get my gig. 🙂

Note: Not many companies in my country use Google ads because in most cases they aren’t helpful for businesses here. Local businesses use only Facebook and Instagram ads in most cases.

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In no particular order:

  • Car insurance
  • Adobe products
  • Various ads for Samsung phones

Disclaimer: I don’t regularly record or remember the ads I come across so this is based on 15 minutes of me looking through various sites and recording ads that regularly appear.

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