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Buyer is asking me for revisions now that the order is complete, what should I do?


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I just had the same experience, after providing several revisions already. I normally only provide one revision.

It’s a nightmare with this type of buyer.

And yes, they can leave a negative review. That’s the issue. Like @miiila says, they have 30 days to leave feedback.

I would try to explain the buyer that no further revisions will be done without compensation. Explain why this is (how many revisions was included in the original offer), and that you won’t work for free.

Never put unlimited revisions on your gig.

In my case, the buyer asked me to do a job I thought was something else and I’ve now delivered four revisions. Now the order is completed, and he is still asking me to do revisions.

I have told him I’ll do one more, and no more. I’m probably stupid, because I have a philosophy to never work for free, but I want to make it right because it’s a big order.

But I have a limit, and now that limit has been reached, and I won’t do any more work for free for this guy, even if I end up with one bad review. It’s not worth it going back and forth with this type of buyer.

I heard stories about sellers working for weeks and even months on revisions without getting paid, and I don’t want to put myself in that position.

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I made a mistake in my answer earlier. I found out that once the order is complete, the buyer cannot ask for any revisions.

This video is somewhat misleading, right? Though the video says that the buyer cannot request revisions after 3 days of delivery, if the seller offers revisions, it is best to accommodate the buyer’s needs because chances are high that the buyer will leave a negative review. That’s why Fiverr CS has asked the seller to assist him.

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Unless it’s going to be a huge inconvenience I suggest completing it anyway. It won’t do any harm. All it’ll do is increase your chances of a good review and also increase your chances of a repeat customer.

The buyer gets what he wants and you’ll get what you want. It’s a win/win scenario.

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