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Hi Everyone. This is my first ever post in the forum.

Thought maybe you could help me out a little.

There’s this buyer who ordered a couple portraits from me in the past.

All was well, and he was happy with my work.

A few months ago, while idly googling for fakers of my gig (morbid curiosity mostly…), I found a result in a similar-to-Fiverr website. It was a portrait gig (selling for a LOT more than what I offer), the title of the gig was exactly like mine, the description was copied from my gig, and the sample images… were the 2 portraits I did for this buyer… and, of course, the seller in that gig was this same buyer. He’s even using the same profile image and profile description he has here on Fiverr.

At the time I got a bit upset, but eventually decided to let it go.

Yesterday I got a message from this buyer on Fiverr, detailing a new job and asking if I can do it.

I have a feeling he’s going to resell this one too.

I got a little upset again. I considered confronting him, contacting support, or just ignoring him. But I’m unsure about any of these options yet, so I decided to write here instead and maybe gain some perspective from you guys first.

See, I’ve been reading some posts here about reseller issues and such, and on one hand I get it, I get the reseller idea. What I don’t understand is why would someone pretend to be me, use my own work to promote themselves, and shamelessly resell it without even giving me credit or at the very least being upfront about it with me. Isn’t that just cheating?

I’d really appreciate any insights or advice.

Thanks a bunch.

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If the reseller is pretending to be you by using your name photo and etc… that’s a No…No.No but if he is pretending that he is the one creating the service but technically he is outsourcing your service, that’s fine big companies do outsourcing too. i suggest that you make your own portfolio blog or website where you can charge at higher price. And don’t be stuck here in Fiverr but as long as you are here in Fiverr you cannot complain about that … they are giving you business so just keep the cash flowing… fiverr is the best place to outsource… 🙂

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