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Beware of seller fiverr.com/fragglesrock ( SEO Service )


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Those who want to buy backlink from sellers, must beware and recheck again although the seller is a TOP SELLER in fiverr.

i had an experience with fiverr seller /fragglesrock , they sell SEO service with varieties of backlink.

one of the gig that i bought, was, from link


saying that they sold 5 trusted site that has high pr, and selling their spot to us to pur our link on their site.

when they have put my link on their site, i checked their pagerank, and most of them are FAKE pagerank, i check their offered pagerank on





most of the link that they sold have FAKE PAGERANK, and i have bought 2 of their gig.

I just dont want others to have the same experience as me. although they can cancel it, but a lot of people have bought from them and maybe didnt notice this.

i attached the links that they sold to me from their report, and you guys could also check it through the fake page rank checker that i have told you on above.

ashame that they are actually one of the best seo gigs seller in fiverr, i think a lot of people didnt notice / check thoroughly regarding the reports.

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