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About Fiverr Pro Seller ( I need Help )


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You wont qualify for it with fake location… Give up.

Your profile says United States while your local time shows GMT +5

You are fluent in UK English ( thats what your profile says which highly contradicts with your OP ) while you have a degree in graphic designing and certification from US…

Am I missing something here ? ? ?

Thats definitely not PRO…

If you still are interested about PRO, check this link…

favicon.icoFiverr Forum default-apple-touch-icon.png

I am a Fiverr PRO seller, ask me anything!

Hi folks, I am a Fiverr PRO seller who was approached by Fiverr to apply for and join the platform. I am happy to answer any questions about my thoughts on Fiverr PRO, experience with my gigs, or anything else you're curious about. Mod Note: Paul...

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