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Hello fiverr i am new seller


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Guest shahadattonmoy

Its the most common question we think about-How I can increase my gig sales on fiverr. ?

I am a 2nd level seller and Here is what I feel and experience about the solution. I hope these 5 tips will help you to increase your sales on Fiverr.

  1. Always start from low, never ask for hundreds of dollars, we know there are many sellers here, who will do the job for less, So always start from lower amount.

  2. Do not break communication, If you are in between a order, never ignore your buyer, always send him/her periodically message and updates about the work, specially if the work is long or your delivery time is is days.

  3. Be in contact, If you have finished your work or order with the buyer or even if he has left the review, you can send him/her general message about your work, if it is right or if he is facing any issue with that, I am sure you can get reorders from them upto 20% or even more.

  4. Never try to cheat your buyer, Be honest with your buyer and tell him the actual facts about the work or what he asked.

  5. Be ready for revisions, Although its depend upon the type of work or gig, but seller should be always ready for revisions, Because some time buyer just simply ask to change the things or work, as he don;t like the results so ready for it, its a common practice.

I know there many top rated seller who are doing very good on fiverr and have good experience. but I hope my tips will also help the fiverr sellers here.

And I am looking for other Fiverr guys to share their experience too.


Have a good day :)>-

Happy Fiverring

How to Increase GIG Sales (Tips, not a Question)

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Guest shahadattonmoy

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