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Please help me.tell me how to increase my gig orders for design ect


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  1. Stop spamming



  2. Ditch the ebook gig. Ebooks about making money are useless. Like I told a fellow scammer, you’re better off affiliate marketing. Buyers that use Fiverr are generally tech savvy, and know that anything you offer in that ebook is available online. And we know you didn’t write that ebook yourself because you’re still learning English (not doing bad by the way, keep practicing)



  3. Have someone write your gigs for you. I commend you for picking up a second language, but most buyers aren’t considerate, and will pass over your gig if you have too many grammatical errors in them. I’ll actually rewrite one gig for you for free if you’re interested. Just let me know.
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Here is the corrected English for your ad.

I am working on fiverr as a designer, seo helper, submission helper. I am interested in blogging and will put your message in the blogs of your choice. (Say how many for $5)


No one wants old ebooks that they can get elsewhere. Think of what you actually do well and sell that.


If you can design, you need to put some pictures up. If you can draw you will get work, especially if you draw well by hand. If you do vectors on a computer, that is good too. I don't think you can do SEO because you don't have a good enough command of English. Otherwise offer to do the work others don't want to do. If you offer to blog in English, you have to write better than you do, unless you ask your buyer to tell you what to write and say you will cut and paste it.


Do you know how to format a book for Kindle? That is a big thing now, but you have to do the job well or you will get bad feedback.


Great job learning a new language. Keep practicing, you will get better. Use a word processing program like Microsoft word or open office (free) to check your spelling and grammatical errors.


Good Luck


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