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Another User stole my gig picture. What to do?


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I have a gig for making youtube videos subitles and I made my own gig picture with Adobe illustrator, nothing too fancy. Then I was routinely searching (to see how i was doing on the search rank) and I found this fella ripping off my gig picture… blatantly copying it. Sure I get it, many people do it, and many of us use gig pics from the google image search but I made my own and even to date i still keep my source files.
Anyhow, what to do.
PS: he even copied my gig description to the letter, except he’s translating for turkish not spanish and that I changed a few things yesterday.

my gig

The copy cat gig

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Contact the seller and request that he or she remove your picture and text first.
If he or she refuses, contact support, they will help.

But in the future, always add your username to the picture, its not a perfect solution, but it will make it hard for them to use it.

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