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Seller with lots of completed gigs but no multiple-purchase option?


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I am dealing with a seller that has completed lots of gigs (500+) - and they all look great and have high ratings. Now, when I go to buy gigs from this seller I have no option of multiple purchases (ie: order quantity is only ‘1’).

My understanding is that a seller with so many gigs should be at a higher “level” that would allow me to buy multiple gigs at once - so I’m confused.

How could a seller have so many completed orders with a high rating and still not have the option for multiple gig purchases? Is something dodgy happening?


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Guest marsch001

Are they level 1 or 2? Either way, I would’ve thought that the adding of multiple orders is automatic. It sounds odd in and of itself it the seller isn’t at least a level 1, but that might reflect more on the fact that the automated system that is supposed to move sellers up to another level has failed, than the seller himself - at least if there’s so many orders with such good ratings.

Have you contacted the seller to ask?

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