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The story behind my level 1 badge


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Khalid! Khaid! Khalid! (my mom was shouting),
“It’s 10:00 am, why you are still sleeping?” she said angrily. I knew that this is the end of my peaceful sleep so I woke up and went to the washroom. Suddenly I realised today is the last delivery day of my 9th order, So I just freshened up somehow and opened my laptop. Tap the word ‘F’ and my browser knows what it means so it took me to fiverr. I saw it’s just 5 minutes so i just delivered it quickly. Suddenly I saw a pop-up came saying congrats for my level 1 badge!
I was like ‘Is it real?’

Than I started to think that i just finished 9 orders and 10th is running so how can i get level 1 badge whereas my friends got it after finishing more than 15 orders…
Than I remeberd once a senior told me that always try to active on fiverr forum it’s gonna give you so many advantages, from that day i did followed his words, I started to roaming around on the forum, read some posts, tried to help people as much as i could,
I also posted 3 threads and i got great response from other forum members…
I think these are the reasons why i got my badge so early…

That day i thought, I’m a freelancer, so there’s no peaple around me who gonna appreciate if i achieve something, even in my country 70% people don’t really know what freelancing is,
So forum is the place where i can find people like me, who gonna appreciate my achievements, give me great suggestions.

So i was very happy when i got my level 1 badge not because of the badge but because of the fact that i’ve got a reason to write on the forum and share my happiness with my awesome folks.

Thanks to Fiverr Forum.

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