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And The Clueless Just Keep On Comin'


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@artistrashed made a great, simple point about not spamming people on Social Media sites;


I DON’T MIND getting communications from those I’m socially linked with about their offers, in the feed, or in a Direct Message. But when you bother to co-opt my time so I can help you worthlesly spam an entire media site and make myself look bad is a little much and a complete pain in the ass. Not to mention this offender is a user here at Fiverr!!!

This just means that there’s not a lot of willingness to observe the rules of the road in relation to conduct done in the sites’ name elsewhere on the web. The sense of desperation-fueled spam is getting a little difficult now. Even my disposable email depots are full of spams for Social signal level sales left, right, and center. Secretly, I laugh and get a kick at how the clueless just prove to themselves that they’ll never cut it online.

Although the Social signals people complain it’s against their TOS (YouTube, et al), the fact remains that they’re still taking related advertising monies in association with all these sales. Look at eBay, for example. Take a stroll through their aisles sometime and look at all the ads for those TOS-forbidden services…like +1s…like Tweets/ReTweets…video likes…fan page likes…the list goes on. You think the parent company owners’ ARE NOT VIOLATING THEMSELVES?!?!? Hypocrites all…:rofl:

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