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Hi everyone,
I’m Adib, Level 1 seller of loving platform fiverr. I feel something about notification sound of fiverr that’s custom sound. sometimes i miss notification for small sound beep, if i can set a custom sound so i can choose a music, tone, sound effect for notification. Can i get this options from loving developer of fiverr???


[ A D V A N C E T H A N K S ]

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I was just thinking about this yesterday! How you could upload a custom sound to be played at a specific event, lol.

New order,
New message/notification,
New 5.0 review,
New < 4.8 review,
Modification request,

Would only make events more noticeable to hear, but also more fun! 😅 I have lots of silly ideas for sounds!

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Now it’s possible to use custom sound 😅

It is? I just went to check as I’d love that (I actually disabled the sound because it’s just short of giving me a heart attack 😉 ) but the notification setting looks the same as it did before to me. Do you have a screenshot of where you can choose custom sound?

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