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Need a music gig!


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Hi all,

Im not sure if I may post this here, but I have a request. Im looking for a person who can make a gig for me.

I need a intro-music for a video, like 25 seconds. A example can you find here:

(first 28 seconds).

The music of above example begins with an build-up exciting and then the full intro-music comes. The character who you see in that video is the Dutch version of santa clause.

Who can make this for me? Please send me a privatemessage with the costs and examples of previous work you have made.

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This would be something more appropriate for the buyer requests portion of the main site 🙂 You’ll be able to post your request, and sellers will be able to respond to it.

The forum is more for discussion n’ stuff. :wink:

Ah thanks, now I placed it as buyer-request! 🙂

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