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Please check my gig and feedback me


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You and I started at the same time, so you shouldn’t still be referring to yourself as a “new seller” after 6 months and 33 reviews.

Hi,are you looking for responsive professional MAILCHIMP email template with free from spamming word for email marketing campaign to need more leads?This service is here which it provided with responsive and beautiful design.

Gee golly, what is with that keyword compacted run-on sentence? It is so packed with keywords that it is barely legible. Write more like you are talking to the client, the specs can come in the bullet points. Should be more like:

"Are you looking for a responsive and professional MailChimp template for email marketing? Well, look no further! This spam-free email marketing campaign will help to net you more leads over time, and thus grow your business! "

Unless your spelling and grammar is decent, I suggest checking all of your descriptions through Grammarly, and then reading them out loud to see if they make any sense.

“A basic template $5,For Professional design please check my gig extra below.”

You don’t need to mention the price, as it is already mentioned. Also, no need to tell them to check gig extras, as that is already mentioned in the tabs on the top of the screen.

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