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What is Buyer request life cycle


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I think they get paused after about a month.

I don’t think its currently possible to know when a buyer has hired someone (though it’s possible they may leave a review after buying a gig and that could potentially be checked). But it’s still (in my view) worth sending offers to requests you can do if it has lots of other offers and is a number of days old and you still have plenty of offers spare. If it’s anywhere close to a month old it’s unlikely worth it but if it’s closer to 3 days old it is still likely worth sending offers (sometimes buyers reply to offers quite a few days after the request was sent, and if you send your request later, you could be closer to the top of the list). Though if possible, I think it’s still worth sending offers to gigs you can do as soon as possible (maybe normally keeping at least some of the 10 available spare just in case needed).

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