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Hello guys, I'm new here, say welcome to me :D


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Oh! I’m also new here! Can you help me on something? I don’t know about anything here? How can I have a job like, I only see “buying” in the option and i can’t do anything about it.

Hi @casslav

Me too. it’s just that I keep trying, make portfolios, make cheap gigs, make good introductions in the description and keep looking at buyer requests and submit proposals. that’s all I can help you with.



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Welcome designer, Good to get you here. Make a fortune.

Some quick tips for you

If you don’t get 10 buyer requests a day, then market your gigs Keep your texts spaced, don’t write stories, most people are busy, they bother to read it.Tell your buyer what you offer different in your gigOffer some extraGive him time constraint, the time limit within which you will complete the job, they like it so muchKeep your buyer requests short, this will make them read it, I’d refuse if the seller would write 100 lines of textTry to use bullets and numbering while sending buyer re…
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